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Software Engineer,
Owner of @Yezz LLC..
I love OpenSource and building side projects.

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Decorators, Python

A decorator is a design pattern in Python that allows a user to add new functionality to an existing object without modifying its structure.

Integrate Pydantic with Django and Django REST Framework

Django, Python, Pydantic

Pydantic is a Pythonic data validation library that makes it easy to create data models and validate data.

Getting started with GraphQL in Python with FastAPI and Ariadne

GraphQL, Python, FastAPI

Generate a FullStack playground using FastAPI, GraphQL and Ariadne....

Language & Technology

Shell | Bash
Web Development


FastAPI Community

FastAPI Expert

2021 - Present

The community is a great place to ask questions, share tips and tricks, and connect with other developers who are also working with FastAPI.



2021 - 2022

One Of the Biggest Tech Community in Morocco. With genius people who love to be beside the computer and understand how it works, we are into a new challenge like creating Twil-Platform where we can write articles, make videos and live streams and make them accessible to the public.



Python, FastAPI, Pydantic

Ready to use and customizable Authentications and Oauth2 management for FastAPI ⚡


Python, SQLAlchemy, Pydantic

Asynchronous ORM that uses pydantic models to represent database tables


Python, FastAPI, Decorators

Classes and Decorators to use FastAPI with Class based routing.


Python, FastAPI, Metadata

Package could be added to your FastAPI Project to enhance the metadata of your Project.


Python, FastAPI, GraphQL

Generate a FullStack playground using FastAPI and GraphQL and Ariadne 🚀.

My Business

Python, Django, LinodeAPI

is a business management tool featuring accounts, invoices, partners, projects, and server.


Up to 90% of software security problems are caused by coding errors, which is why secure coding practices and secure coding standards are essential.
In this episode, we talk about Open Source and the annual event Hacktoberfest. We answer your questions about getting started with Open Source, the best practices, and how it could help advance your career.
The syntax async def introduces either a native coroutine or an asynchronous generator. The expressions async with and async for are also valid. The keyword await passes function control back to the event loop.
As Python grows in popularity, the variety of high-quality frameworks available to developers has blossomed. In addition to steadfast options like Django and Flask, there are many new options including FastAPI.